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Current & Upcoming Research

My current research projects include the following:

  • Study on how living and working together during the COVID-19 pandemic affects couples' lives.

    • Co-authors: Dr. Julian Barling and PhD candidate Anika Cloutier

    • Currently collecting and analyzing data

  • Exploring the demand-side strategies for gender equality in leadership.

    • Co-authors: Dr. Ingrid Chadwick and graduate student A. Hancock

    • In press, Journal of Managerial Psychology.

  • An analysis on a case study about a fictional drug called ISR-1.

    • Co-author: Dr. John Fiset

    • Under 3rd round review, Journal of Management Education

Select Journal Articles

01/ Leadership Character in Board Governance (2019)

02/ The development of leader character through crucible moments (2018)

03/ When she brings home the job status: Wives' job status, wives' status leakage and marital instability (2017)

04/ Does a woman's high-status career hurt her marriage? Not if her husband does the laundry (2017)

05/ Toward a framework of leader character in organizations (2017)

06/ The depleted leader: The influence of leaders' diminished psychological resources on leadership behaviors (2014)

07/ Leader apologies and employee and leader well-being (2014)




01/ Relative subjective spousal status: How spouses impact leadership role occupancy (2020)

| Conference Presentation

02/ The ISR-1 Drug Case: An Experiential Exercise (2020) | Conference Presentation

03/ Who brings home the bacon? The impact of marital breadwinning role on political attitudes and behaviors (2020) | Conference Presentation

04/ Gender targeted policies: A story of reluctant support for closing the gender-leadership gap (2019) | Conference Presentation

05/ Learning from boardroom perspectives on leader character (2017) | Chapter in an edited book

06/ Directors' perspectives on leader character and corporate governance (2015) | Practitioner Article

07/ Leadership and project management teams (2015) | Chapter in an edited book

For a more detailed look into my experience, background, and research, please download my CV below:

Research Grants

External Grants: Total $264,388

2019-2024: Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council Insight Grant ($143,857)

2015-2019: Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council Insight Development Grant ($50,351)

2010: Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council Award - Doctoral Schorlarship ($40,000)

2009:  Ontario Graduate Scholar, Government of Ontario ($15,000)

2008: Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Government of Ontario ($15,000)

Internal Grants: Total $38,600

2020: Harris Centre - West White Rose Employment Diversity Research Fund ($20,000)

2017: Memorial University Conference Travel Grant ($2,500)

2011: Queen's School of Business Award ($8,400)

2008:  Melville S. Hatch Memorial Fellowship ($7,700)

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