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The impact of our research at the Faculty of Business at Memorial University is important. I strive to research relevant topics that may help organizations, individuals, and the research community alike.


Please see below a selection of my media article for the past few years.

The Challenges of working from Home With Your Spouse (Aired July 9th, 2020)
Put Yourself in Their Shoes: Let's Thank the Women on the Front Line of the Pandemic (May 9th, 2020)
How Does COVID Affect Gender Dynamics?
The Joys - and perils - of working at home together (April 22nd, 2020)
When we make all (or most of) the Money (Aired November, 2018)
When she earns more: As roles shift, old ideas on who pays the bills persist (July 6th, 2018)
Let us in (July 9th, 2018)
Your social status could be more important in your marriage than you think (May 12th, 2018)
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