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How would you like to be remembered by family and friends? Through a will or a trust you may wish to leave a gift to the Veterans History Museum of the Carolinas in support of our mission to honor veterans.

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Make a Gift

A legacy gift in your name or the name of a loved one can perpetuate the honor and support of the Museum. A one-time or a sustaining legacy gift can be a part of your planned giving by way of including such options in your estate plans. You may want to designate the Museum to be the owner / beneficiary of a life insurance policy as a practical way to make a supporting gift.

Wills & Trusts

Many people may wish to name the Veterans History Museum of the Carolinas as a beneficiary of a gift by their Will or Revocable Trust. This is one of the easiest ways to make a charitable contribution to the growth and support of the Museum in its efforts to honor veterans and their families and preserve the history of military artifacts.You can instruct your attorney or tax advisor to modify your current will by adding a codicil to make an outright gift to the Museum after your lifetime or by creating a charitable remainder trust.

Donor Advised Funds

Some may choose to support the Museum’s mission of honoring veterans by making charitable donations using portions of qualified 401K retirement plans and IRA rollover funds. These types of assets may be transferred directly to the Museum such that donors may be eligible to exclude them from taxable income. Designating the Museum as beneficiary to all or a portion of these funds can save you and your estate on taxes. Consult with your attorney on the benefits of naming the Museum as a charitable contribution.



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