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We especially welcome veteran groups. We have hosted:

  • Vietnam Veteran Groups
  • Quilts of Valor presentations
  • Korean Veterans groups
  • S.M.A.R.T. (Special Military Active Retired Travel) Club
  • Moral Injury Association of America
  • Veteran Restoration Quarters (for homeless veterans)

Option: our Curators and Pathfinders will customize a brief program to fit with your interests, if you would like a 15 to 30-minute program in addition to your tour.

You can count on a great experience here at the Veterans History Museum of the Carolina.
Please click here to schedule a tour for your group. We will accommodate your group on your schedule.

Foreground: WWII veterans Bill Siniard (U.S. Navy, Europe and the Pacific) and Harold Wellington (Merchant Marine, U.S. Army, and U.S. Navy) just before they receive their Quilts of Valor in a three-county ceremony at the Veterans History Museum of the Carolinas.